CIRCLE is working on two imbricated studies in introductory psychology:

Introductory Psychology Knowledge Inventory

Can we develop a reliable and valid assessment tool to measure student learning of core concepts in introductory psychology?

We are developing an inventory of introductory psychology knowledge based on the established scale-development procedures in the field of psychology. We are evaluating the inventory based on established criteria and essential metrics—construct validity, content validity, criterion validity, and test-retest reliability.

Active Learning in Introductory Psychology

Do active-learning pedagogies in psychology improve student learning of core concepts compared to traditional approaches to teaching psychology?

We are evaluating the active-learning innovations by comparing previous iterations of the course, which was taught mostly in lecture style, with the newer course that integrates more active-learning strategies into the lectures.


Julie Bugg (Psychological & Brain Sciences)
Gina Frey (CIRCLE, Chemistry)
Mark McDaniel (CIRCLE, Psychological & Brain Sciences)
Shaina Rowell (CIRCLE, Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Erin Solomon (CIRCLE)


This project is supported by the Transformational Initiative for Education in STEM (TIES).