In the past, CIRCLE has hosted a variety of events including faculty development workshops, a speaker series, and interdisciplinary national conferences to facilitate conversations about evidence-based pedagogy in STEM classrooms. Descriptions of these events and their related resources are cataloged here for reference.

CIRCLE has hosted several events to provide STEM practitioners with opportunities to connect and share resources aimed at improving STEM education. Promoting and sustaining conversations about best practices in education is a key goal of CIRCLE. Below are some of the events that CIRCLE has put on in the past to achieve this goal:

The CIRCLE Teaching Academy was an interactive faculty development series taking place 2-3 times per year that discussed inclusive, evidence-based teaching strategies.

The CIRCLE Teaching Academy Speaker Series brought in nationally recognized speakers over several semesters with expertise relevant to STEM education. 

CIRCLE conferences were held biannually and were attended by multi-disciplinary researchers interested in education from all over the country to share and learn about evidence-based pedagogies in the classroom.