Jose Mestre


José P. Mestre is Professor of Physics and Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois. His research is at the intersection of science education and cognitive science, focusing on the learning of physics. He has made contributions in areas such as the acquisition and use of domain knowledge by experts and novices, transfer of learning, and problem solving. He was among the first to publish scholarly articles on the use of classroom polling technologies (clickers) to promote active learning in large classes, and is a co-developer of Minds-On Physics, an activity-based high school physics curriculum that is heavily informed by learning research. Recently he has been applying methodologies common in cognitive science (e.g., eye-tracking, change blindness and flicker paradigms) to study learning and information processing by physics novices and experts. He has served on many national committees and boards for organizations such as the National Research Council, The College Board and ETS, and the American Association of Physics Teachers, and has offered Congressional testimony on The Science of Learning. He has published numerous journal articles, and has co-authored or co-edited 18 books. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.