Tavis Smiley Interviews Mark McDaniel

Tavis Smiley Interviews Mark McDaniel

Radio host Tavis Smiley interviews Mark McDaniel, CIRCLE co-director and expert on human learning and memory, who offers back-to-school tips for optimal studying. In the interview, which is part of Smiley’s “Five Things You Should Know About…” series, McDaniel shares evidence-based advice on learning that is useful for students and teachers alike, including:

· the danger of regarding re-reading as study;

· the power of asking questions about the material (as well as seeing connections within and multiple perspectives on the material);

· the benefits of “intermixing” tasks and concepts rather than “blocking” time to focus on one kind of concept or problem.

And yes, there are five tips, so to hear them all, listen to the six-minute show here.