Undergraduate Peer Leaders and Mentors are key sources of information and support for undergraduates in STEM courses at WashU. Educating students in positions of leadership about evidence-based inclusive strategies is a key focus of the HHMI Inclusive Excellence Project.

Currently, CIRCLE is partnering with instructors in Chemistry, Math, and Physics to train students in their Peer-led Team Learning programs on issues related to inclusion. As part of their Seminar in Academic Mentoring (SAM) curriculum, Peer Leaders learn about topics including social belonging, growth mindset, implicit bias, and metacognition. These “trainings” include instruction through a series of short videos (see below) and practice through scenarios and role playing exercises during in-person meetings.

Four educational videos were produced in conjunction with Cornerstone and The Harvey Media Center covering topics related to inclusion and metacognition. Although originally designed for use by Peer Leaders, the videos contain content and evidence-based strategies that all may find useful. The full videos and accompanying “guides” are available by clicking on the links below or visiting the Inclusive Video Series tab on our Resources page.

Social Identity, Implicit Bias, and Stereotype Threat

Growth Mindset

Social Belonging

Metacognition and Study Strategies