The Howard Hughes Medical Institute encourages regional grantees to meet regularly to share ideas, share resources, and collaborate on projects.

WashU’s PIC includes the University of South Dakota, the University of Northern Colorado, and the University of Colorado Denver. Our PIC group holds monthly digital meetings and meets in-person once per year at a self-organized regional meeting.

  • In May 2018, WashU hosted a two-day event put on by Crossroads encouraging dialog surrounding institutional racism and bias in academia. In addition to our PIC group, several STEM department chairs, faculty, and administrators participated from each of the PIC institutions, along with a team of HHMI program officers.
  • In May 2019, the University of Northern Colorado hosted the Courageous Conversations program lead by the Pacific Education Group. Following the formal event, several of CIRCLE’s staff and collaborators met with PIC members to share information about institutional activities related to the HHMI project.
  • In Spring-Summer of 2021, the University of Colorado-Denver hosted in-house workshop by Dr. Brenda J. Allen on Inclusive Leadership followed by a working meeting with CIRCLE staff.
  • In Spring 2022, WashU and CIRCLE hosted a follow-up working session to the 2022 CIRCLE Conference on belonging.
  • Coming January 2023, the University of South Dakota will host an in-person workshop on Growth Mindset featuring Dr. Kathryn Boucher.