Lisa Kuehne


Lisa has been collaborating with CIRCLE since the summer of 2016. As Math Programs Coordinator for Cornerstone: The Learning Center and the Department of Mathematics, she directs active-learning programs such as Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) for Calculus I, II and III. She manages a team of 70+ student mentors who serve hundreds of undergraduate mathematics students each semester through a network of help desks, study groups and residential academic services.

She teaches the Seminar in Academic Mentoring (SAM) for new Calculus PLTL leaders each fall and the Practical Applications of Academic Mentoring (PAM) course for all Calculus PLTL leaders each semester, as well as a training course for new Residential Peer Mentors (RPMs) each fall.

Lisa is currently working on collecting data for her doctoral research in mathematics, which is focused on the evaluation of numeracy skills and their development in undergraduate students.