The goal of the March 2018 CISTIL meeting was to introduce faculty to CIRCLE and the HHMI Inclusive Excellence Project, as well as to initiate cross-departmental conversations through small group activities and structured discussions. CISTIL is represented by faculty from each STEM department, so this workshop provided an opportunity to learn about each department’s approach to introductory course design. The main focus of the meeting was centered on how faculty can structure their courses to create a unified narrative of student success that is both positive and supportive for all students. The agenda of this meeting focused on four topics:

  1. Introduction to the HHMI Inclusive Excellence Project
  2. Short talk from Dean Schaal, the Dean of Faculty in Arts and Sciences
  3. Overview of Example Inclusion-based Research from CIRCLE, such as through Peer-led Team Learning (PLTL) and Growth Mindset Intervention in Introductory Chemistry
  4. Small Group Discussion about Introductory Course Structures