Washington University in St. Louis and CIRCLE are committed to the health and safety of all attendees of the 2022 CIRCLE Conference. Below is the COVID-19 policy we have developed for the 2022 CIRCLE Conference.

  1. All attendees of the in-person meeting must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend*. The United States Centers for Disease Control defines fully vaccinated as 14 days past the second dose of a 2-dose series vaccine, such as Pfizer or Moderna, or a 1-dose vaccine, such as Johnson and Johnson’s. Only vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) will qualify for vaccination. Upon finalizing payment to the conference, we will ask for you to confirm that you will be fully vaccinated at the start of the conference. At registration on day 1, we will ask to see either a physical form or digital copy of your vaccination card. If you are found to have knowingly falsified this information, you will be asked to leave the meeting with no refunds.
    1. *In the event that an attendee cannot vaccinate for health reasons, they may request an exemption, which will be granted on a case-by-case basis. If exempt from the vaccination requirement, attendees will be asked to provide proof of a negative COVID PCR test taken within 72 hours of venue access or an antigen test administered by a healthcare or pharmacy provider within 24 hours of admittance. Self-administered tests will not be accepted.
  2. Masks will be required at all times during the meeting, except while eating or drinking (but we request that you try to maintain distance from people near you while doing so). Masks are required indoors on Washington University campuses at all times, except in designated areas for eating and drinking. Visitors are currently required to complete a daily self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to campus. We will continue to monitor campus guidelines and update this policy as necessary.
  3. We ask that you not attend the conference if: you have experienced or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 in the 10 days prior to the conference; have been directly exposed to a suspected case of COVID-19 within the 10 days prior to the conference; have tested positive for COVID-19 within the 10 days prior to the conference. We unfortunately will not be able to offer refunds to those who cannot attend for the prior reasons above. If you knowingly attend the meeting under any of the listed conditions above, you will be asked to leave the meeting with no refunds. If you do develop symptoms while at the meeting, we ask that you leave the meeting, and follow CDC guidance.
  4. We assume no responsibility or liability for any hardships that may arise during or as a result of your attendance at the meeting. This includes, but not limited to, illness, injury, or death associated with the infection of COVID-19 or complications, symptoms, or other effects resulting from contracting COVID-19.