STEM Education Initiatives

AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative: A multi-strategy approach to implementing evidence-based active-learning teaching practices in introductory STEM courses at Washington University. (Supported by a grant from the AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative.)

Transformational Initiative for Education in STEM (TIES): Continuing the culture change begun by AAU, TIES works at the departmental level with PhD-level “embedded experts” supporting faculty fellows in transforming their courses. (Supported by the Office of the Provost)

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Inclusive Excellence Project: The HHMI project seeks to create an inclusive learning environment in STEM by working with STEM faculty, advisors and student-affairs professionals, and undergraduate peer leaders at Washington University in St. Louis. Drawing on psychosocial and metacognitive studies; workshops, trainings, and interventions are being developed, implemented, and evaluated as part of this collaborative five-year grant.

Observation Protocol for Active Learning (OPAL): The OPAL tool was developed to support the aforementioned STEM education initiatives.  OPAL can be used to collect research data, and also to consult and collaborate with STEM faculty to provide feedback on, and support for, their teaching innovations.