CIRCLE_logoThe mission of the Center for Integrative Research on Cognition, Learning, and Education (CIRCLE) is to provide a bridge between Washington University faculty and researchers in the cognitive and learning sciences in order to facilitate collaborative projects to improve student learning.

The center will connect the cognitive and learning sciences with classroom practices by

  • Fostering implementation of innovations in teaching across the university, including innovations that apply research from the cognitive and learning sciences.
  • Supporting research to evaluate the effectiveness of these innovations in enhancing student learning and retention of knowledge.
  • Disseminating the results of these classroom-based evaluations using experimental methods to the Washington University community as well as the to the national and international teaching and learning communities.

CIRCLE, founded in 2011, is co-directed by Mark McDaniel (Professor of Psychology) and Gina Frey (the Florence E. Moog Professor of STEM Education and Executive Director of the Teaching Center) and supported by funding from the Office of the Provost.